Job-education for teachers from Ukraine – become a recognized specialist for kindergartens and primary schools

Have you worked as a teacher in Ukraine? Then you can work at kindergartens and elementary schools in Berlin.

Our program is specially designed for teachers from Ukraine. You will learn pedagogical content, improve your German language skills and work with children aged 0 to 12.

Later, you’ll become a recognized pedagogical specialist. You’ll work as an educator in childcare, with a starting salary of 3,000€ per month. You’ll have a secure profession with great prospects for the future.

What are the requirements?

  • You have worked as a teacher in Ukraine and can provide proof of this
  • You have a B1 language certificate for German

What is the content of the program?

  • various pedagogical topics, such as: professional identity, specific concepts relating to children, diversity, inclusion, socio-educational work, working with parents, quality and institutional development, legal foundations
  • an internship
  • language training including a telc B2 exam and certificate
  • a new job/position at a kindergarten or primary school

How is the program structured?

You’ll have classes from Monday to Thursday from 08:30-15:30. On Fridays, you’ll mostly be doing an internship. On this day, you may have to start earlier than 08:30. Some parts of the classes can be done from home. You’ll have 28 vacation days on fixed dates.

Does the program cost anything?

The program is free of charge. All you need is an education voucher, the so called “Bildungsgutschein” from the Jobcenter or the Arbeitsagentur. We can help you get one.

What happens if I have a child and don't have a daycare spot yet?

If you can’t find a daycare spot for your child, we’ll look for one with our partner institutions.

What other support will I be receiving?

You’ll receive close supervision at school and during your internship. If you encounter problems during the training or beyond, for example with government offices, we’ll assist you. If you have difficulties with learning or the preparation for your exam, we’ll also support you with that.

Will I be recognized as a certified pedagogical specialist immediately after the program?

No. Initially, you will be recognized as a temporary specialist until you have a C1 language certificate. However, you will still work in kindergartens and elementary schools. During this time, you can work towards the C1 certificate. You have a total of 4 years to achieve this goal. Earlier completion is possible. As soon as you have the C1 certificate, you can submit a simple application to be recognized as a permanent “social education specialist in the kindergarten and eFöB sector”.

Time period
02.09.2024 – 31.08.2025

Free of charge with an educational voucher/ Bildungsgutschein

Good to know
As a recognized pedagogical specialist in the field of kindergarten and primary school (eFöB), you are legally equivalent to state-recognized educators in childcare. You’ll have access to all further training courses for educators and can also take on a management role.

Contact person
Peer Wollsiefer
030 810 058 261

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